Solar System

Day heat systems, which have a special structure offered by our company, base the principle of operation on the different and advantageous structure that we produce Today, a new system has been developed instead of the systems consisting of a combination of panel and water tank that form a classic, these systems have been developed with today’s technology thanks to our years of experience. rek this structure is obtained.Among the main features that stand out due to the structure of the system is the presence of a very light and compact structure, so that the supplied system is assembled very quickly and ready for immediate use All metal parts in the system are produced with stainless steel and all plastic parts are produced with durable hard polycarbonate 2 kWh electric so that hot water is used in the tank tank tank to maintain the use of hot water when solar energy is not enough. There is a system such as a spinner. This system provides the use of thermostat heaters especially when there is not enough sun, during night hours and in cloudy weather.

The system is obtained by combination thanks to 14 vacuum glass tubes with a length of 180 centimeters These glass tubes, which are placed in a glass chamber and furnished in parallel with each other at certain intervals, allow the water to heat up at high performance Polycarbonate outer coating ensures much stronger absorption of sunlight with its resistance to all factors such as cold impact and storm.

The energy systems offered with this technical structure provide an aesthetic use in terms of visual and performance with a special geometric structure Thanks to the built-in water tank, the pressurized system provides water transfer without loss of flow Maintenance feature maintains water temperature by preventing heat loss Hot water needs can be met for a house of 4 people thanks to multi systems hot water needs can be adequately met in buildings such as hospitals or student dormitories