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Ramses Energy

Ramses Refinery
Year 2020
Type Ramses Energy
Ramses group has been operating since 1991 and our new factory ramses energy, battery systems are built and we operate on solar energy systems and refined leather

Ramses Refinery

methyl acetate , ethylene glycol

Ramses UPS

The device that stores electrical energy and makes it available when needed is called a battery Battery allows motor vehicles to operate and keep the voltage in balance Thanks to the battery, the starter motor is given high current and the vehicle is moved Dry battery, gel battery, deep loop battery, valve-adjusted lead acid battery (VRLA battery), starter battery and UPS battery are used for uninterrupted power supply systems and is of dry type. UPS batteries last longer than others Lighting systems, safety devices, power plants, telephone plants and telecommunications require UPS batteries

Solar System